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PP: Protect our loved ones

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Recently I had a dear friend who passed away from cancer. Life is just too fragile. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow or the future. When one falls ill with long-term treatment are bound to spend a lot on medical bills and it would be  a real burden to the family if we have not had any back-up plan. As years went by, everyday expenses have increased sky high and so has the medical expenses. So I have thought about it and gotten myself some individual life insurance rate quotes in case of any unforeseen circumstances should happen to me, at least I won’t be a burden to the family.

I have known many people around my age would feel that they are not in need of a insurance but no one can guarantee nothing will happen in the future. Life is unpredictable. So, its really important to be prepared. This is a protection for yourself and for your loved ones. Apart from medical insurance, a basic life protection plus some perks of investment was another insurance I would want to consider.

Boy’s 6th Birthday

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We have been in Rok for the past one month. Since the kids had a big celebration back in MY with their friends, we just went to a kids cafe for lunch, chinese food for dinner and a BR birthday cake. No friends … just the 4 of US!

The entrance of the cafe.

The kids had a great time time at Dalki Kids Cafe located at Olympic Park. We went cycling around the park in a tandem for 4. It was fun and also tiring. The kids played at the playground a little while before we headed for dinner. We wanted to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse or Fridays but both venues we packed and waiting list for over an hour. So, we decided to have Chinese dinner. Bought a cake from Baskin Robbins – just had to choose that .. the deco suits him perfectly!

The play area.

I love the toilets here. Its so so clean! Just my type.

I took this with my phone camera when we were on the bike ride. My Digital Cam ran out of batt! Shucks! The shades were just beautiful.

The birthday boy’s cake.

How lovely!

See the monkey deco! Isn’t it ‘just me’?

Darien’s 6th Birthday

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It’s lucky that his birthday falls on a Saturday this year. We brought the kids to Dalki Kids Cafe @ Olympic Park, where the kids would play and the parents relax.

The toilet is too cute.

The kids played about 4 hours in Dalki and we spent a bit of time cycling around Olympic Park before heading for dinner.

Love the orange sunset.

Initially, we wanted to have dinner in TGIF but it was fully booked. We went to Chinese restaurant instead. Not very authentic Chinese at all. 🙂

Happy birthday dearest Didi!

He said he’s born in the ‘Year Of The Monkey’. Hence, he should have the monkey chocolate. Who could argue with that statement?!!


Happy Birthday to our darling boy! May you stay healthy always. We love you lots!


not afraid anymore

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Since Princess was very young, she’s afraid of all kinds of mascots. Even people in costumes – harmless ones like santa or santerina, she would still go hysteric. I remembered when she was 3yo, it was Christmas celebration at the mall santa was handing out some sweets for the kids. Once the santa was in front of her, she cried and kicked. Everytime when we pass-by any people with costumes on we would try to avoid. She’s even afraid of clowns – that I don’t blame her cos the make-up probably looked scary. Its been like that for many years. And finally at the age of 6, she overcome her fear. We were at Midvalley having tea at Popeye’s. The kids wanted to go to the washroom, so I brought them. Along the way, Boy saw Koko mascot from Nestle Koko Krunch. Immediately, I brought him to snap a pic. Princess was hesitant but she followed suit – looking a bit worried. She didn’t stand next to Koko. I thought “Hey this is a good start”. A few days later, we visited Toys r Us at the Empire Shopping Gallery. We wanted to get a gift and there we saw Geoffrey. As usual, Boy would request for a pic and Princess followed with no hesitation! Yey to my girl! Finally she conquered her fear for mascots. Though still terrified of clowns but I think she’s almost getting there. 🙂

Koko from Koko Krunch with kids

Geoffrey with kids

My kids are vain-pots

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I just had to blog about this before I forget!

Taken before going out for lunch.

Yep! My kids are vain-pots. After dressing up, Princess will stand in front of the mirror – swaying left to right, right to left to make sure that everything is perfect. And she would then ask me, “Mommy do I look pretty?”. Whenever she sees a mirror, she will go in front of it, sway to the left and right. Even if there are no mirrors, reflective glass does just fine. I don’t know where she got this from. I’m not a vain-pot. Neither is Hubby. Probably she got the genes from my sister. She’s one vain-pot all right.

She modelling in front of the reflective glass.

Not only her – she’s now infected her brother. He’s become a vain-pot, too. Before we go out most of these days, he would use Hubby’s hair gel to style his hair. Hmm … the little bit of hair ain’t got nothing much to style! 😛

fun at the park

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*backdated post*

The area where we stay have a beautiful landscape and themed parks. The kids love the bird island and alphabet park most. Shame to say that throughout our 6 years staying here, the kids seldom go to the park. The number of times they visited the park is less than 20. Most of the time we are out on weekends. On weekdays, when we reached home, its already dark. Of course I agree totally that fresh air is best for a healthy body but seeing the heat outside makes us feel like staying home. After all, they get a lot of fresh air at daycare. They go for garden play everyday when they are early. 🙂

Its times like this when the weather is good and the sun is not burning to the skin, we would visit the park.

Cycling to feed the turtles and fishes.

Feeding-time: We brought some leftover bread.

At the playground

Cycling home.

One of the kids favourite .. Roti Canai

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*backdated post*

The kids simply love roti canai aka flat pancake. A good friend of ours recommended us to this joint near our place. The shop is always crowded. I heard that people travel from KL to have their roti canai here. It was the best roti canai we have ever tasted. Their plain roti canai is crispy and full of flavour. Their secret ingredient – butter! I tried their roti telur. One word – delicious! Its not soggy nor oily. Its just great! Couldn’t get enough of just one piece but I’ve got to watch my diet so 1pc will do. 🙂 The kids can eat up to 1½ pcs of roti canai each with a bit of nasi lemak! The location of the shop is IV Restaurant, No. 115-117 Jalan Pandamaran Jaya 62, 46000 Pandamaran, Selangor.

The shop – always filled with people.

Kids favourite – plain canai!

My favourite roti telur.

Princess dipping into some dhal curry.

Boy having it with his fried chicken.

May Birthdays 2010

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** backdated post*

Dad’s Birthday
We had dinner at a restaurant near my parents’ place. They serve really good food. Although we went for some shopping at Jusco Equine, we were the 1st to arrive. Couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the dishes – yes! We were extremely hungry. The adults and the kids had some fun karaoke sessions.

Princess and I stopped-by for pedicure @ Jusco Equine and Boy just stood there patiently waiting for us to finish.

The family.

Nine grand kids minus one – throwing tantrum ‘cos he was sleepy.

Fathers-and-sons look-a-like.

The kids practising to be future singers!

We didn’t know brother and wife made a banana cake. How thoughful! We already bought a cake from Secret Recipe anyway.

Mom’s Birthday
I booked a table at New Formosa Taiwanese Restaurant in SS2. Read so much about it in the internet. So I thought maybe we could give it a try. To our disappointment, it tasted so-so. They don’t serve the famous duck on that day either. When the total bill came, I felt like we’ve been ripped-off! Bloody expensive and doesn’t taste that great. Luckily, we had a nice birthday crepe cake that we bought from Section 17. A really must-try! I bought a few of other slices of cakes to try. All tasted great, too but my personal favourite is their Vanilla Crepe Cake. Anyone who wants to try can go to BG8 Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, PJ. Tel No. 03 – 7955 3885. Enjoy!

The boys were busy playing nds!

The men feeling bored!

The girls having a great time with Dad – coming up with all kinds of funny jokes.

Denisha 7yo and Darien 6yo Combined Birthday Party

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31st August 2010
Since we would be moving on to Seoul for the next few years, I decided to have a combined birthday celebration for them. After all, starting a new school with new friends, adjustment times would be really crucial for us all. And so we celebrated their birthdays at KidsZone, Hartamas Shopping Centre. I remembered having a bad experience here a couple of years back and sworn not to be back again but I guess people forgets! Thank goodness this time round, everything went pretty well except for the lack of organisation and all – pretty much different compared to Kids Sports N Gym at 1U if you ask me! Well of course their prices vary a lot too! I ordered a Toy Story cake for the kids from the same lady that I’ve ordered for years. Though the decoration this year is not that great but the taste is still delicious!

The Party Room.

The Birthday Cake.

Princess and her buddies. Couldn’t get a decent shot of Boy with his buddies. They are all running everywhere! Sigh … boys!
Some snapshots with some good friends (or rather my good friends kids’):

Taken with the Lee Bros at Jusco Bukit Tinggi after Bak Kut Teh brunch.

Kenny Rogers, Subang Parade with Jun Bin.

Kenny Rogers, Subang Parade with Xin Yit and Cecelia.

Dinah’s Place with Aidan and Ashley.

Boy’s version of ‘Eenie Meenie’

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