Weekday routines upon reaching home ….

Sterilise bottles
Sterilising the bottles would be our 1st priority.

Wash kids clothes (in the machine)
The dirty clothes from the nursery will be brought back home to wash … in a washing machine of course!!

Switch on TV for kids
The kids will ask for their VCDs/DVDs .. mostly consists of Barney, Teletubbies, Rubberdubbers, Kipper, nursery rhymes and so on.

Switch on TV for Mommy/Daddy
Its either chinese series/sitcoms or sports.

Set bottles
Bottles to set up just in case Darien demands for milk early. Its always difficult to say .. his appetite is unpredictable.

Fold clothes
The clothes that was dried the day before will be folded today. It will be put into the nursery bags to be brought over the next day.

Eat dinner
We’ll usually take dinner at about 9 to 9 plus.

By 10.30pm the kids will adjourn upstairs for their bedtime books and milk.

Tedious day after work??!!?! Not so much comparing that their much older now. When they were much younger we had to hang dozens of cloth nappies and also folding them and not forgetting the number of milk feeds they require. Life is definitely much better now!