Since he started school here, he’s been having fights with kids in school. Some kids I must say are not in the best angelic behaviour but this son of mine likes to play Police and hit on them that I have repeatedly tell him that he’s not in the position to do that. If he has any problems, he is to go to the teacher to voice out his dissatisfaction. This had been going on for almost a month. The class teacher thought it was an adjustment period but it seemed to be his habit. He doesn’t do it at home but I have known that its common that the kids do that at his previous daycare. It has been like a disease that’s stuck on to him for years. Probably, he’s been blamed for crimes that he didn’t commit. So he felt defiant and self-defensive. Anyway, its been going on for a month and the teacher decided to have a reward system for him. One thing good about him is that he loves stickers. The stickers work wonders and before we know it, he’s turned into a new leaf! Good job Teacher! Good job Son! When all his charts were filled-up with stickers and the teacher was clear that his bad behaviour is long gone, he’s got the Special Award from the teacher. He was so proud of himself and so were we!! Keep it up Son!