We have been in Rok for the past one month. Since the kids had a big celebration back in MY with their friends, we just went to a kids cafe for lunch, chinese food for dinner and a BR birthday cake. No friends … just the 4 of US!

The entrance of the cafe.

The kids had a great time time at Dalki Kids Cafe located at Olympic Park. We went cycling around the park in a tandem for 4. It was fun and also tiring. The kids played at the playground a little while before we headed for dinner. We wanted to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse or Fridays but both venues we packed and waiting list for over an hour. So, we decided to have Chinese dinner. Bought a cake from Baskin Robbins – just had to choose that .. the deco suits him perfectly!

The play area.

I love the toilets here. Its so so clean! Just my type.

I took this with my phone camera when we were on the bike ride. My Digital Cam ran out of batt! Shucks! The shades were just beautiful.

The birthday boy’s cake.

How lovely!

See the monkey deco! Isn’t it ‘just me’?