I just had to blog about this before I forget!

Taken before going out for lunch.

Yep! My kids are vain-pots. After dressing up, Princess will stand in front of the mirror – swaying left to right, right to left to make sure that everything is perfect. And she would then ask me, “Mommy do I look pretty?”. Whenever she sees a mirror, she will go in front of it, sway to the left and right. Even if there are no mirrors, reflective glass does just fine. I don’t know where she got this from. I’m not a vain-pot. Neither is Hubby. Probably she got the genes from my sister. She’s one vain-pot all right.

She modelling in front of the reflective glass.

Not only her – she’s now infected her brother. He’s become a vain-pot, too. Before we go out most of these days, he would use Hubby’s hair gel to style his hair. Hmm … the little bit of hair ain’t got nothing much to style! 😛