31st August 2010
Since we would be moving on to Seoul for the next few years, I decided to have a combined birthday celebration for them. After all, starting a new school with new friends, adjustment times would be really crucial for us all. And so we celebrated their birthdays at KidsZone, Hartamas Shopping Centre. I remembered having a bad experience here a couple of years back and sworn not to be back again but I guess people forgets! Thank goodness this time round, everything went pretty well except for the lack of organisation and all – pretty much different compared to Kids Sports N Gym at 1U if you ask me! Well of course their prices vary a lot too! I ordered a Toy Story cake for the kids from the same lady that I’ve ordered for years. Though the decoration this year is not that great but the taste is still delicious!

The Party Room.

The Birthday Cake.

Princess and her buddies. Couldn’t get a decent shot of Boy with his buddies. They are all running everywhere! Sigh … boys!
Some snapshots with some good friends (or rather my good friends kids’):

Taken with the Lee Bros at Jusco Bukit Tinggi after Bak Kut Teh brunch.

Kenny Rogers, Subang Parade with Jun Bin.

Kenny Rogers, Subang Parade with Xin Yit and Cecelia.

Dinah’s Place with Aidan and Ashley.