*backdated post*

18 June – 20 June 2010

This year’s mid-term break, we went to Lake Kenyir with the family. To save some cash, we decided to drive there and it took us almost a whole day. It was further than we expected. We left home at 8 plus in the morning and arrived at almost 6pm. It was already too late to do anything. We settled and went for a buffet dinner at the hotel coffee house. It was packed and there were not much food left – not forgetting the flies that are really eager to share our food!

The journey took so long. He was really tired and gone to slumberland.

Arrival at the lobby.

Our room.

We woke up early the next morning, had breakfast and swam at the pool. For lunch, Mom and Sis went driving to look for food. In the evening, we went for a boat ride and stopped on an island. It was the kids’ first boat ride. Princess was terrified of the boat ride and cried. We consoled her and finally she was calmed but I can tell by her face that she was worried. Poor girl! It was a long 30 mins to and fro from the island. We had buffet dinner at the hotel coffee house and this time the flies weren’t that bad compared to the night before. The kids had a good time torturing the flies that landed in the glass of water which I find totally gross. Today is also hubby’s birthday and it was really nice of the hotel to gave a complimentary cake. Blew candles, cut the cake and sat at the lounge listening to some music, We borrowed board games and played foosball.

Princess’s birthday card to Hubby.

The island we stopped-by.

The next day, we checked out and had lunch at Kemaman. Hmm .. best meal we had ever had in the pass few days in Terengganu. If you ask me whether I would go Lake Kenyir in the future or not – my answer would be … yes – but next time I will take a PLANE!!!!!

Cayden’s fav kor-kor, Darien.

The kids on the golf buggy at the hotel entrance.