Since Princess was very young, she’s afraid of all kinds of mascots. Even people in costumes – harmless ones like santa or santerina, she would still go hysteric. I remembered when she was 3yo, it was Christmas celebration at the mall santa was handing out some sweets for the kids. Once the santa was in front of her, she cried and kicked. Everytime when we pass-by any people with costumes on we would try to avoid. She’s even afraid of clowns – that I don’t blame her cos the make-up probably looked scary. Its been like that for many years. And finally at the age of 6, she overcome her fear. We were at Midvalley having tea at Popeye’s. The kids wanted to go to the washroom, so I brought them. Along the way, Boy saw Koko mascot from Nestle Koko Krunch. Immediately, I brought him to snap a pic. Princess was hesitant but she followed suit – looking a bit worried. She didn’t stand next to Koko. I thought “Hey this is a good start”. A few days later, we visited Toys r Us at the Empire Shopping Gallery. We wanted to get a gift and there we saw Geoffrey. As usual, Boy would request for a pic and Princess followed with no hesitation! Yey to my girl! Finally she conquered her fear for mascots. Though still terrified of clowns but I think she’s almost getting there. 🙂

Koko from Koko Krunch with kids

Geoffrey with kids