*backdated post*

The area where we stay have a beautiful landscape and themed parks. The kids love the bird island and alphabet park most. Shame to say that throughout our 6 years staying here, the kids seldom go to the park. The number of times they visited the park is less than 20. Most of the time we are out on weekends. On weekdays, when we reached home, its already dark. Of course I agree totally that fresh air is best for a healthy body but seeing the heat outside makes us feel like staying home. After all, they get a lot of fresh air at daycare. They go for garden play everyday when they are early. 🙂

Its times like this when the weather is good and the sun is not burning to the skin, we would visit the park.

Cycling to feed the turtles and fishes.

Feeding-time: We brought some leftover bread.

At the playground

Cycling home.