** backdated post*

Dad’s Birthday
We had dinner at a restaurant near my parents’ place. They serve really good food. Although we went for some shopping at Jusco Equine, we were the 1st to arrive. Couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the dishes – yes! We were extremely hungry. The adults and the kids had some fun karaoke sessions.

Princess and I stopped-by for pedicure @ Jusco Equine and Boy just stood there patiently waiting for us to finish.

The family.

Nine grand kids minus one – throwing tantrum ‘cos he was sleepy.

Fathers-and-sons look-a-like.

The kids practising to be future singers!

We didn’t know brother and wife made a banana cake. How thoughful! We already bought a cake from Secret Recipe anyway.

Mom’s Birthday
I booked a table at New Formosa Taiwanese Restaurant in SS2. Read so much about it in the internet. So I thought maybe we could give it a try. To our disappointment, it tasted so-so. They don’t serve the famous duck on that day either. When the total bill came, I felt like we’ve been ripped-off! Bloody expensive and doesn’t taste that great. Luckily, we had a nice birthday crepe cake that we bought from Section 17. A really must-try! I bought a few of other slices of cakes to try. All tasted great, too but my personal favourite is their Vanilla Crepe Cake. Anyone who wants to try can go to BG8 Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, PJ. Tel No. 03 – 7955 3885. Enjoy!

The boys were busy playing nds!

The men feeling bored!

The girls having a great time with Dad – coming up with all kinds of funny jokes.