Its the time of the year again for education institutions to act as fundraisers for the needy. I have always believed in the practice of philanthropy to make this world a better place. My late grandmother is the best example of a philanthropist. She doesn’t miss a chance of being charitable to anyone. Sometimes to the extend of people saying that she’s being too ‘charitable’. To me, she’s a very loving and caring old lady. Whenever I see any fundraising organisations, I would think of her. She shed light into me when I was a very young girl. She teaches me to value what I have, to be empathetic towards people.

Its about time the kids understand what is fundraising so I brought them to my niece’s school fundraising “fund fair” earlier this month. They understand what is the reason and how its done. They had so much fun playing with the games and activities. Just a week ago, my girl brought back a notice from school. They are also going to have a funraising carnival in school sometime in July and she was already all excited and asked me what I was going to give or make. LOL. Another way of participating in a fundraiser is through magazine fundraising by getting supporters to purchase magazines subscriptions online. I don’t see why some people are not doing this. I am!