A few years back, I was a skeptical person when I comes to online shopping. I would be worried whether anyone will be able to forge my credit card and how much exposure when using it online. After much research and confidence throughout the years, now I simply love online shopping. The thing I don’t quite like bout online shopping is I can’t physically touch the product and the size bought is from estimation. Though it has its drawbacks but buying online saves time when it comes to parking the car, paying for parking fees, toll charges and at times sitting in the jam is really an annoying situation to be in!

One of my most favourite sites is Lou Lou’s Corner. It sells clothes, accessories, books, toys and gift ideas – its basically the site that can provide you with what you need. This site is not only for kids but they also have stuff for the grown-ups kitchen/home/bathroom accessories, gadgets and many many more. I love shopping gifts here , too. Their prices are affordable and sometimes they have special discounts and best buys for certain promotional items. To get the best bargain, I log in here quite often and the first thingĀ  I do when I’m in here is to check out the “what’s new” section.