I always believe in safest of kids when it comes to staircases and places around the house. When my kids were babies we used to fit baby gates around the house. What do I mean when I say “baby gates”? What I mean is I have at least two baby gates in the house – one to block the entrance of the staircase and the other to block the kitchen especially its one of the most dangerous places in a home. Some houses staircase is built differently. Some are steep and narrow whereas some wide. These staircases are dangerous and if I’d known anyone’s home with these kinds of staircase, I would strongly recommend them to use the stairway gate. And I would definitely not leave my kids safety to chances especially when they are kids on the move all the time!

Its a pity I haven’t been using a safety gate ever-since my kids know how to detach it when they were barely 3! Since then, the gate was passed-on to my brother. Sometimes I wonder whether it was the quality of the gate that made it easy for the kids to detach. I would have gotten the gate from KidSafeInc as I know they are well-known for their unbeatable prices and remarkable quality.