As usual every year, for lunch we’ll drop by my in-laws and dinner at my mom’s. This is what we had for dinner. Food fit for a whole village. Can you believe that this much food for 15 adults and 9 kids? Totally gastronomical!

From left to right: Fried Vermicelli, Roast Suckling Pig, Steam Whole Chicken, Fresh Scallops, Abalone Fish Maw with Broccoli.

From left to right: Abalone Fish Maw with Broccoli, Stir-fried Lotus Root with Sweet Peas and Carrots, Deep Fried Mince Meat and Stuffings, Marinated Jellyfish, Braised Duck and Mushrooms with FattChoy.

From left to right: Roast Suckling Pig and Fried Vermicelli.

One more dish is not on the table and that’s Sharks fin soup. Boy did his ‘Lion Dance Performance’. He told me “Mom when I grow up I want to join the lion dance”. I almost fell off my chair and fainted. 😛

CNY Day 1

The kids in traditional chinese costumes. My young nephew had a sour face cos he had a mouth full of ulcers … poor boy.

Our routine every year would be visiting my in-laws in the morning then off to a good friend’s parents place. The usual every year his parents place is filled with people, served buffet and lion dance performance. Princess was so terrified – not the lion dance but the ‘bald boy’ accompanying the lion. It puzzles me sometimes. She got all hysterical and weeped. When she knew the ‘bald boy’ was not there, she stopped immediately. Is that ‘boy’ really that scary. I don’t know. As far as I know in the future, she would not have a bald headed boyfriend for sure. Hahaha. Boy on the other hand was all excited with the lions. After lunch, we headed off to my mom’s place and to my aunt’s place in Cheras. Had dinner there and gossiped until past midnight.

Planning for a game of hide-and-seek.

Boy doing his lion dance performance AGAIN!

Boy is “Wong Fei Hung”.

CNY Day 2
Since the night before we went home late … we only woke up at noon. Met up my sis at K3K Benta at Subang for lunch. The serve very good fried chicken rice with special “santan” cabbage. Though a bit spicy, Princess loved it but I made sure the fats were all stripped off to reduce fat intake but she kept pestering me to let her take the fat. So unhealthy! Right after lunch, we headed to visit hub’s godfather in Kajang. On the way back, we dropped by my aunty’s place in Cheras again for chit-chat until past midnight.

With her favourite cousin sis

I was surprise to see Boy quietly sitting down at a corner to read. A really rare sight!! Not his usual active self.

Day 3
By the time we woke up it was almost noon. We had lunch at Gasing chicken rice and went over to my fourth uncle’s place for a couple of hours, visited hubs friends then finally to a friend’s sons birthday party.  No pictures taken for the day. Shucks!

Day 4
We woke up in time to go for Tenji Japanese Buffet with my parents and sis family, It was the first time the kids had buffet, The enjoyed choosing their own food. Boy had the most prawns and choc fondue. Princess had a bit of everything. When we arrived at 12pm, people were already lining up – LINING UP man! My personal opinion. The food was only so-so. Nothing much to rave about. The restaurant was having 50% discount for the month of Feb. We left the place when they CLOSE. Imagine, we sat there for a whole 4 hour .. eating and eating and eating. Scary eh??!!

Enjoying their seafood

Enjoying their dessert

Finally when they were too bored waiting for the adults to finish, stopped playing their nds and started searching for coconuts and played ice.

By the time we finished out lunch it was already 4pm. Too stuffed to take dinner.Ate a few bites for dinner and called it a night. Don’t ever wanna see Japanese food for the time being!!

Remaining days of the week
Visited some friends again. Played some card games and ginrummy. And that’s the end of the whole week break. It ended too quick – way too quick.

When the adults were too busy with ‘yee sang’. Guess who were the ones who played on their own???

The kids playing ginrummy – not with real money of course … with chocolates. Hehe. I’m really surprise. By looking at the adults play, they already know how to play without asking. Kids these days are definitely not from our time!