X’Mas dinner at my mom like every year as always and have always been great. The kids were warned to finish their dinner if not no presents! As usual every Sunday when they get-together, they don’t always finish their meals  until being told many many million times. This time, for presents sake I suppose they finished without much nagging. So I was really pleased. My kids are getting skinnier by the day. Don’t know whether they’ve grown taller or skinnier. Hmph! Been having problem getting them to finish their meals. If the food is good, they don’t have to be told. They’ll wallop everything in sight. What picky eaters I have … hmph!

For BBQ this time we had the usual lamb, squid, chicken and salad but no beef cos many of us don’t take beef anymore. The kids had fun roasting marshmallows. It was good too. Yummy! When dinner was over, the kids were bugging us for the presents and when they finally opened it, it was havoc in the house .. paper wrappers everywhere!! Imagine over 60 gifts for both kids and adults! The surprise on the kids faces were a nice sight. 🙂

The presents under the tree

Boy with my 8yo nephew

Excited boy he is!

Hahha! His bumblebee head is too big for his body.

Princess counting the number of pressies she receive. Hehehe!

The cuties with the masks my sis got from Ikea.