6th December 2009

Took the kids and my niece to watch High School Musical Summer Celebration at KLCC Convention Centre. We bought the cheapest tickets cos I remembered we brought Princess to watch barney at the same hall. It was not as big as Bkt Jalil Stadium. We were 5 mins late so we missed the beginning of the show. Aw!!! They are not real stars from the show but some ‘look-a-like’. From afar they really look like the real one!! The show lastest for about 1 hour and 15 mins.

Princess is really so into High School Musical. Last year she wanted the HSM Crocs. I told her that her feet is not big enough to fit into the smallest size. And finally this year, her feet grew and I got her that tho I don’t really like the design. She’s got Troy and Gabriella singing mic. She’s also got folders, books, stickers, shirt and even her birthday cake and cupcakes had HSM on it. Not only this, her school bag to all her stationery is HSM. I don’t know what’s become of kids these days. I thought HSM is supposed to be a teenage show?!!