** another very backdated post **

31st October 2009

This is our very first “Trick Or Treat”. My sis invited us to join her condo’s halloween celebration. Boy came as a pirate and Princess came as a Fairy. They first met in the function room and were broken up into groups to visit the houses. We shop for the costume at the very last minute cos I couldn’t find anything good and practical.  I think I might have gone to 3 ToysRus before they decided to choose the Pirate and Fairy Wings costumes

Hmm since good quality and original kids costumes cost a fortune, I suggested that we sewed it coming Sunday. LOL. The kids enjoyed looking at all the kids costumes and participating in games. Tho they didn’t win anything, they have a bucket of goodies plus another plastic bag of goodies each cos the bucket couldn’t fit all goodies. So they had to separate into plastic bags. Amazing!! When we reached him, I sorted the goodies and decided what can be eaten and what can’t. Too many sweets. Don’t want their teeth to go rotten. 🙂