** A backdated post **

17th October 2009

This year, Boy’s birthday falls on a Friday, so we celebrated earlier on the 17th. A few weeks before the party, we were in Cineleisure @ eCurve watching a movie and we passed by a hobby shop. While browsing around, we found out that they organise events using movie mascots and the best thing is that they host party as well. After much sourcing from A&W and McDs in Klang Valley, we have no choice but to go for the hobby shop. Tho price is a bit steep for 40 kids from daycare and cousins excluding the adults.We manage to negotiate a good rate.

We had Optimus Prime mascot appearing for the party. On that day, like sis, he’s all dress for the occasion, he wore a Transformers shirt.  The host-in-charge of the party actually shares the ‘real’ birthday with Boy. Isn’t it a coincidence??!! We’ve got a pinata, too. I bought the pulled-out type cos I thought of re-using it for the next party. Boy!! How wrong was I to even think that it will be in one piece. It dropped and the kids fought for the goodies and guess what to the pinata. *gone* *kaput* *finished* Looks like its gonna be a new one next year.  🙂 His birthday cake was train and car tracks with a nice scenery. I put Thomas & Friends and some of his toy cars and bike. When Optimus appeared, Princess became hysterical. She was terrified and dragged Daddy outside. She cried together with another friend. I kept asking myself how can a person be so terrified until this extend? Sigh. For presents, we got him a Lego City Boat. Princess got a Electronic Drum set that she was asking me to get her some time back.

On his ‘real’ date, we had dinner at Sakae Sushi in Jusco Bukit Tinggi, walked around a bit and went home. While we were approaching the lift, Princess got so vain and look into the glass display of some bracelets and anklets.Vain huh??!! *Daddy rolled his eyes* and said “Huh .. so young already so vain!”. LOL. We got some hair-ties and bracelets from an accessory shop. It took her hours to choose and the bill came up to $50. Ridiculous. Hair accessories also cost so much these days??!!?!! *scratch head*