** this is a really backdated post **

31st August 2009
Princess celebrated her 6th birthday party at McDonald’s. Initially I wanted to let her celebrate at Kidzports like she did when she was 3 but when I counted the number of kids from daycare plus the cousins are about 40 pax. Don’t think spending thousands of dollars for a birthday is worth it. Would rather safe the money for holiday. I told her that its too expensive and she opt for McDs. We were ok with that since she’s still happy about it.

Since she’s absolutely crazy over High School Musical so we had to order a HSM birthday cake and also some HSM cupcakes. She even wore a HSM top. 🙂 This time round, we over ordered again but not as bad as last year. For presents, we got her a Baby Alive baby and Didi (brother) also got a Bionicle. She didn’t wanna touch the doll at the beginning probably its kinda spooky to her. After looking at Didi play with it (Yes! Didi play with her dolls – barbie soft toys or even dollies), she was ok and started playing with it. Hehehe such a silly billy girl. Since she was a baby she have this phobia bout dolls and people in costumes. I hope she will pass this phase soon but she’s already 6. Hmm .. I wonder how long will this lasts??!!