Normally after meal-time when we are out, they become very restless. We haven’t really enjoy our meals, they’ll be complaining their bored and pester us to eat quickly. If they were with other kids, they’ll be walking around the place disturbing deco and that would really  annoy me. When I put on my monstrous face, they would listen and stay put and keep quiet but I can’t be doing this everytime. Its really really stressful. So I have thought of the perfect solution ….

Funny thing is when they eat with the both of us, they wouldn’t walk around disturbing things. Anyway now we have a win-win situation. They get to play and be entertained while we eat in peace. 🙂 There’s a catch. They don’t get to play during school days. They are only allowed during weekends and holidays. The remaining of the school days, we get to play. 🙂

The kids with their cousins

My 3yo nephew also joined in the fun with Hubs PSP. Hahaha. See how serious he looked.  🙂