This is a combination of activities they’ve done. Their very own first-time experience. From the top left clock-wise. We were having dinner at Michaelangelo’s at Sunway Pyramid and they have fresh oysters at promo price. Since fresh oysters were my favourite, I couldn’t resist the bargain. So we ordered a few for the adults. Since its fresh and looked yucky, I wouldn’t thought the kids would take it but to my surprise they did try. Princess didn’t like the icky taste. Boy, like me – loved it. Didn’t let him take more than one since its raw. Its good in the sense that its high in zinc. Come to think bout it, Princess is more like a chinese girl when it comes to food – just like the daddy! For Boy, he’s just like me … enjoy every single type of food. And best of all – his food taste and preference is just like mine! That’s why the saying goes “Daddy’s Girl and Mommy’s Boy”! 🙂

The second pic was their first time riding a horse. Pretty big and scary but they really enjoyed the slow gallop. We paid a whopping $50 – 2 kids for a 20mins ride. What a rip-off! The third and fourth pics were their first time riding donkeys. These donkey and horse rides were taken during our trip to Bkt Tinggi, Pahang. When Princess was very much younger she didn’t dare to ride horses nor ponies. Now she wanna ride for the zillion time. *roll eyes*

And finally, the last pic was taken during our trip to Cherating, Kuantan. I didn’t follow them for the ride cos I can’t stand the elephant poop smell and *secretly* I was scared … hahaha. Yeah man its quite high. I stood-by to take some pics.