** A back-dated post **
5th July 2009: Toy Museum

We went to Penang for a night to visit Aunty Kim and family. We had brunch at a ‘tim sum’ shop near G Hotel. When we finished, we wanted to get some ‘tausa’ biscuits back home but believe-it-or-not!! All of the shops were sold out. So we decided to go to the Toy Museum before heading back to KL. The kids were so excited looking at all the toys displayed. I spotted some of the toys of my time. Wow! Really brings back memories. All given away. Should have kept some for my kids. 🙂 By the time we finished, it was already around 4pm. We had a quick bite at a food court that serves all Penang favourites but too bad … no Penang’s famous shave ice. I didn’t even eat it in Georgetown. What a disappointment! Looks like its gonna be another time.

Hubs had gone to work and this was how much the 3 of us ate. Scary huh!!!!