(From left [clockwise]: Selected in Playhouse Disney Birthday Book, The Invitation Card, Birthday Present from Mom & Dad – Disney Princess Trolley, Birthday Dress, Sorting Out Goodies, The Birthday Cake, Celebrating At Gramp’s, Our Little Knight In his Costume)

This post was supposed to be last year. So I thought I’d better post it since tomorrow Princess is turning 6. Last year for both of the kids birthdays, we celebrated at the daycare centre. Princess’s birthday theme was “Enchanted”. Not everyone came dressed as the theme but since Princess was the birthday girl, she had to follow the theme. I bought her a maroon dress with netting. Really nice and ‘princessy’. She told me she wanted that dress cos it looked like “Princess Aurora’s”. Yes. Now her favourite princess is no longer Cinderella. And her interest for Dora was long gone. Now everything is princess for her … from clothes to trinkets and even shoes and not forgetting her bed sheet. 🙂 She wanted Disney Princess Aurora birthday cake but she doesn’t have a toy that small for the cake so Cinderella was her 2nd choice. I used her Cinderella playset and had the cake decorated with a garden and pathway. The lady that made the cake did a great job that’s why I always order cakes from her. Taste really good too. Bought her a Princess helium balloon too but Daddy burst it the day before the party. Aww! The food we had was KFC.  I did an awfully big pinata. All the kids were happily picking up goodies. The party ended in the evening and we headed to my mom’s and had another cake blown. Got her another cake. Its Po from Kungfu Panda. Had dinner at my mom’s and we went home exhausted. I submitted her photo to Playhouse Disney Birthday Book and she was selected. Managed to take a video from the TV. This year I submitted but the stamp was insufficient. Arg! Angry!!!!

(From left-top [anti-clockwise]: The Invitation Card, The Birthday Cake, Comparing Goodies, Selected in Playhouse Disney Birthday Book, Birthday Present from Mom & Dad – Ironman, Birthday Costume – Superboy, Our Little Supergirl In her Costume, Assorted Cupcakes that I arranged it into #4)

Since Boy’s birthday is not  public holiday, we celebrated it a week earlier. I ordered a ‘Bumblebee Transformer’ for Boy’s 4th Birthday. It was a dilemma. He liked both Transformers and Ironman but it was difficult making an Ironman cake so he chose Bumblebee. Got him an Ironman figure – pretty cool with lights and sounds. The theme for the party was Superheroes. Again this time not many turn up as a Superhero. I used the same huge pinata for Boy’s birthday and I think I overdid it with the goodies again. 🙂 For the food, I ordered some KFCs and pizzas. Boy was chosen for the Playhouse Disney Birthday Book too but I missed his screening on TV. Didn’t manage to take a video of it. 🙁 On the real date, we brought him to a Japanese Restaurant for dinner near our place. I bought some cupcakes and arranged it into #4. The food and dessert (cupcakes) was great. The kids ate 4-5 cupcakes each.

Tomorrow would be Princess’s 6th birthday. Will be posting more later.