I know this is a bit too late but its better late than never. So here goes.

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On the first two nights we stayed at the Holiday Villa Cherating. And believe me this is the 1st and LAST time I’m staying there. The water pressure was low, the mattress was too soft .. it felt like the spring has spoilt throughout the years, service was poor. They have two pools at the resort. The one on the other side was totally horrible. Looked dirty … scales and murks everywhere. We boycott that pool and used the one outside our place. The kids had a great time at the beach building sandcastles, playing kites and bubbles and having strolls with their Daddy.

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On the 3rd night we stayed at Hyatt Kuantan. Hyatt compared to Holiday Villa was like heaven and hell. Kinda harsh but everything was great at Hyatt and the service was excellent. Upon reaching there at around 3pm, the kids pestered us to go to the pool. What is it with kids and water? I would rather stay in the room and sleep! 🙂  They played awhile there and we had dinner at an Italian restaurant in the hotel itself. Boy loved the creamy pasta. As for Princess, the ‘chinese’ girl preferred noodle soup. She still ate her pasta but didn’t manage to finish.

Overall trip was great. The kids enjoyed themselves but we need to recuperate. 🙂

My Little Vain Pot posing for the camera.

Look how delicious this is. Boy finished everything. She had a hard time finishing it. Too creamy for her. Bought her some bread and chocolates instead.

On the day when we were leaving, I noticed some bumps on Boy’s head. Some sand-flies kissed him on the forehead. Poor Boy! It took him 5 days to recover.