16th Feb – 17th Feb 2008

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This will be my last posting for CNY 2008. I’ve done many scraps but have been slacking these days. Excuse … too tired … energy drained from caring for the two kids. Happy to be back again. During the last weekend of CNY, our family – all 15 of us went for a trip to Malacca. We rented a 6-room bungalow. We spent most of our time eating and walking the Malacca Jonker Street. The kids enjoyed the food and shopping with us. We visited the crocodile farm on the last day. Boy was so tired he slept. Weighing 16kg now and Daddy carried him while he’s sleeping. When we were almost leaving, he woke up and had a round looking at the crocs … really small and boring farm if you ask me. Haha .. one round you see them all. I’d rather go to the zoo. We didn’t visit the zoo though ‘cos everyone was tired. We had lunch and headed back home to my mom’s for mahjong. Had seafood dinner again near my mom’s and headed straight home.