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Its been more than a month since the last time I updated my blog. Have been busy during the CNY holidays – visiting houses, holiday at Genting and Malacca. I’ve got lots of backdated posts that I don’t even know where to start. Plus hubs is in England now – been more than a week. The kids have been asking when is he coming back almost everyday. He’ll be back tomorrow. This week passed-by real fast.

Ok .. let’s see. I’ll start on the Feb 1st Federal Territory Day – a few days before CNY.Ā  Nursery was closed on that day. Hubs was still in Ipoh. So early morning, I fetched Princess to school together with Boy, went home prepare breakfast for him and did some house chores. Went to pick Princess from school and had a nice chicken rice lunch near LDP (forgotten the name of the coffee shop – famous for its Bentong chic rice). After lunch, we went over to Dinah’s place for a chat and bought these 2 really nice bags from her that the kids love so much. Its a good insulated bag to keep food warm. You can visit her at Great Expectations. Its great catching up with her – talking about good old days and motherhood. The kids had a great time playing and watching Peter Pan. They were so fascinated with the stand lamps until they kept pulling it on and off. We don’t have one at home you see – our place is an extremely baby-proof house! šŸ˜› Now that they are not babies anymore, we should get one soon. In the evening, we went over to Cousin Barry’s place for dinner and stayed over.