I was tagged by Shern’s Mom. To spare the rod or not? Hmm .. as the saying goes ” Spare the rod and spoil the child.” I personally think that it all depends on the circumstances. When my kids are in their extreme behaviour, yes .. I would use it to scare them but not to the extent of abusing them. The rod that I bought for ‘them’ is really cute .. it has a shape of a hand – actually used as a pointer in school. Whenever I bring it out .. they would be really well-behave. All nonsense will definitely stop.

this is how my rod looks like

Let’s see .. the 5 people I would tag are mom2ashley, jazzmint, 2littlefellasmom, sasha and huisia.

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1. Miche does not spare the rod.
2. Chinnee still spare the rod at this moment.
3. Slavemom does not spare the rod.
4. Kiasumum does not spare the rod.
5. Shern’s mom does not spare the rod.
6. Twin does not spare the rod depending on circumstances