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The kids used to love each other to bits but recently they’ve developed this love and hate relationship. Why do I say that. At one moment, they’ll be fighting like cats and dogs, the next moment you’ll see them so loving. When the fighting comes, Mommy and Daddy will get all stressed up accompanied by occasional headaches especially when the ‘fightings’ turned out to be ‘real’ ones. When we were in Ipoh, they will fight everyday without fail but when they are back here, there are days that they go by without a single argument. And there I was thinking … hmm … probably back in Ipoh they’ve got not much activities to do – they get bored and agitated. Whereas when they are back here, they go to nursery and have fun learning and playing. By the time they got home, they were already so tired, I think they don’t even feel like doing anything except lying there on the sofa and watch some nice playhouse disney shows. I dreaded the time when we go to Ipoh and that would be soon … the fight will start again. Hmm … I wonder … what can I let the kids do while I do some chores and cooking? No .. not colouring … something different from that … something that needs little cleaning. I’m a very lazy mommy!