3rd December 2006
Today the usual Sunday nights, we had dinner at my mom’s. My elder sis, Tina and my mom had a wedding dinner so they went out and left the kids in my parents’ place. After dinner, the kids were just sitting there and watching their “playhouse disney channel” when suddenly Cassandra (elder sis’s daughter – going to Std 1 next year) said to me …

Cassy: Yi yi (aunty) Mommy forgot to bring my uniform for Denisha.
Me: Huh bring to me? What if Denisha don’t study in your school.
Cassy: Why not?
Me: I have to see other schools first. Let me think about it first.
Cassy: Why not .. but CEC is the BEST SCHOOL EVER.

She had that innocent looking expression. Its amazing how kids talk nowadays. I love communicating with them. The answers they give you are really amazing.