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CNY Day 3 & 4

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9th Feb 2008 – Day 3 (credits & details here) When we woke up, it was almost 10am. Lunch at Andrew’s house was at 1pm. We were all hungry so we went to a nearby ‘mamak’ shop to have ‘roti canai’ (malaysian flatbread). It was Boy’s 1st time taking ‘roti canai’ and he’s eating like […]

CNY Day 1 & 2

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7th Feb 2008 – Day 1 (credits & details here) Like last year and the all the rests of the years before that, we would visit my in-laws first, then to hubs uncle’s place, our friend TM’s house for lunch and lion dance, to my mom’s place and finally to my Aunty’s house in Cheras. […]

CNY Eve 2008

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6th Feb 2008 (credits & details here) We had the usual CNY eve lunch at my in-laws. Normally during the CNY eve, I would go home and do some cleaning but this time round, I was a bit lazy plus hubs have to go to a Kajang temple to visit his Godfather. Every year before […]

Christmas Eve 2007

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*a backdated post* We had Christmas Eve dinner at my mom’s. Had some roasts, mousaka, salad and shepherd’s pie. Hmm .. yummy! The adults pretended to be santas and santarinas while the kids had a great time opening presents. They kids went crazy playing with their toys and we reached home closed to one … […]

early christmas dinner

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*a backdated post* 18th Dec 2007 (credits & details here) We had an early Christmas buffet dinner with friends at Atrium Sunway Tower. Dinner was ok and the kids were enjoying themselves taking their own food. Look at what Princess is wearing on her neck – my bracelet! Supposedly we were having xmas gift exchange […]

Happy New Year 2008

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(credit & details here) Another year has come and gone and its the year 2008. What did we do on New Year’s Eve 2007? We met up with my cousin & family, sis & family and bro & family for a swim at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club. We arrived at around 4.30pm. The […]

Mom & Dad’s Anniversary

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4th October 2007 (credits & details here) It’s the this time of the year again – MomDad’s Anniversary. It has been 7 yrs we are married, and 11 yrs together. To commemorate this special event, going to 7-11 would have been ideal but come ‘on, what do a couple (with 2 kids) do at 7-11 […]

another … 2 weekends ago

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I have been having many outdated posts. Sigh … been really lazy these days. 29th September 2007 My brother had a wedding banquet at Bkt Jalil Golf and Country Club. The kids were dressed up like prince and princess. They didn’t eat much though cos they were busy playing. After the banquet, we went over […]

Trip to Penang : Father’s Day

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16th ~ 17th June 2007 We visited a few friends in Penang over the weekend. We stayed over at their place and they were really great hosts. Thanks Kim and KY. We didn’t manage to visit places of interest. We didn’t even try the Penang Fried Kuey Teow and Ice Kacang …. really sad. Guess […]

Happy Mother’s Day

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13th May 2007 Considering that we have celebrated Mother’s Day at Jack’s Place the day before, we just went for a normal lunch today. At night, we just bought a cake and celebrated at my mom’s place. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MOTHERS AND MOTHERS-TO-BE!!!!!!!!

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