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May Birthdays 2010

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** backdated post* Dad’s Birthday We had dinner at a restaurant near my parents’ place. They serve really good food. Although we went for some shopping at Jusco Equine, we were the 1st to arrive. Couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the dishes – yes! We were extremely hungry. The adults and the kids […]

Darien’s School Concert 2010

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Boy’s school concert was held on the 30th may 2010 at the Civic Centre. The concert started at 1030am and ended at 1230pm. This year his performance was joint with the other two classes. They did the 1970s “Rock Around The Clock”. Hehehehe I didn’t know he could swing like that. Before it all started. […]

Chinese New Year 2010

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CNY Eve As usual every year, for lunch we’ll drop by my in-laws and dinner at my mom’s. This is what we had for dinner. Food fit for a whole village. Can you believe that this much food for 15 adults and 9 kids? Totally gastronomical! From left to right: Fried Vermicelli, Roast Suckling Pig, […]

2 Weeks Before School Re-Open

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This is a summary of what the kids did during the 2 weeks before school reopen. We went to the Dolphin & Seal Show at Sunway. The tickets for the 4 of us was $120 for a 45mins show. Pretty pricey On top of that they charge $15 bucks for photo taken with the dolphins. […]

Post X’Mas BBQ

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X’Mas dinner at my mom like every year as always and have always been great. The kids were warned to finish their dinner if not no presents! As usual every Sunday when they get-together, they don’t always finish their meals  until being told many many million times. This time, for presents sake I suppose they […]

Sizzling X’Mas 2009

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We are off to my mom’s for a sizzling BBQ dinner. At the bottom of the tree, there are more than 60 wrapped gifts. You can imagine how big is our family!! Will update on the dinner later on. Till then … MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

Happy Halloween 2009

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** another very backdated post ** 31st October 2009 This is our very first “Trick Or Treat”. My sis invited us to join her condo’s halloween celebration. Boy came as a pirate and Princess came as a Fairy. They first met in the function room and were broken up into groups to visit the houses. […]

Last Posting of CNY 08

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16th Feb – 17th Feb 2008 (credits & details here) This will be my last posting for CNY 2008. I’ve done many scraps but have been slacking these days. Excuse … too tired … energy drained from caring for the two kids. Happy to be back again. During the last weekend of CNY, our family […]

CNY Day 8

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14th Feb 2008 – Day 8 Valentine’s Day (credits & details here) On Valentine’s Day, we had BKT brunch at a shop nearby our place and spent the rest of the day at Jusco Bukit Tinggi. We had karoake with the kids, movie, did some shopping, some fun at the kiddy rides and dinner at […]

CNY Day 5-7

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I’ve been slacking in my blog posts again. Have been feeling really tired and lazy lately. Have piled up MANY backdated posts since February. So, I’m going to try posting everything soon. I really salute blogger parents who have that kind of energy to blog everyday. For me, I’m still looking for that energy. Anyway […]

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