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Boy’s 6th Birthday

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We have been in Rok for the past one month. Since the kids had a big celebration back in MY with their friends, we just went to a kids cafe for lunch, chinese food for dinner and a BR birthday cake. No friends … just the 4 of US! The entrance of the cafe. The […]

Darien’s 6th Birthday

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It’s lucky that his birthday falls on a Saturday this year. We brought the kids to Dalki Kids Cafe @ Olympic Park, where the kids would play and the parents relax. The kids played about 4 hours in Dalki and we spent a bit of time cycling around Olympic Park before heading for dinner. Initially, […]

Denisha 7yo and Darien 6yo Combined Birthday Party

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31st August 2010 Since we would be moving on to Seoul for the next few years, I decided to have a combined birthday celebration for them. After all, starting a new school with new friends, adjustment times would be really crucial for us all. And so we celebrated their birthdays at KidsZone, Hartamas Shopping Centre. […]

Boy’s 5th birthday

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** A backdated post ** 17th October 2009 This year, Boy’s birthday falls on a Friday, so we celebrated earlier on the 17th. A few weeks before the party, we were in Cineleisure @ eCurve watching a movie and we passed by a hobby shop. While browsing around, we found out that they organise events […]

Princess’s 6th birthday

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** this is a really backdated post ** 31st August 2009 Princess celebrated her 6th birthday party at McDonald’s. Initially I wanted to let her celebrate at Kidzports like she did when she was 3 but when I counted the number of kids from daycare plus the cousins are about 40 pax. Don’t think spending […]

Princess 5th Birthday & Boy 4th Birthday

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(From left [clockwise]: Selected in Playhouse Disney Birthday Book, The Invitation Card, Birthday Present from Mom & Dad – Disney Princess Trolley, Birthday Dress, Sorting Out Goodies, The Birthday Cake, Celebrating At Gramp’s, Our Little Knight In his Costume) This post was supposed to be last year. So I thought I’d better post it since […]

Darien’s 3rd Birthday

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(credit & details here) Boy turned 3 today. We celebrated his birthday 3 days earlier in KidsZone Hartamas Shopping Centre. Our experience of celebrating his birthday there last year was not as great. This year round is better but if they can improve its even better. A few months ago, we’ve been asking Boy what […]

Happy 4th bday Princess & Happy Merdeka M’sia

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(credits & details here) Princess had a party at McDonalds BU. There were so many kids from the nursery, I could hardly fit all kids into the picture. Boy wanted to be carried most of the time. Don’t know what was wrong with him today. Luckily this time, Princess took part in the games. Her […]

Daddy’s Birthday

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19th June 2007 Daddy took leave today to celebrate his birthday with us. In the morning, the kids went to nursery. We had curry noodle for lunch at SS2. Supposedly famous but I find it ok. After lunch, we went to 1U to watch Pirates of the Carribean and did some shopping. We picked up […]

Happy Birthday Mommy!

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8th March 2007: In the morning when I woke up, I dropped the kids at nursery and went to service the car while waiting for hubby to be back at around 2pm. To make things worse, I forgotten to bring the kids clothes bag to the nursery. I had to rush back to my sis’s […]

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