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measuring himself

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Kids do the darnest things! While shopping for some groceries, my dear Son saw this measuring tape sticking on the shelving unit. The purpose for that was to have a rough estimate of the electrical cord measurement. He lay down and measured himself. LOL. The best thing is he asked me “Mommy, […]

New to Rok

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10th September 2010 The kids just started school today. The woke up pretty early – really excited on their first day. New friends to meet, new teachers and new curriculum didn’t make them anxious at all. Its a good start I suppose. Looked so smart in their uniform. 🙂 They had their breakfast and was […]

Just videos

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Princess’s Recent Development

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1st November 2010 She’s got her first permanent. I can’t say this is the exact date that she’s got it but its the date that I’ve discovered it. I didn’t actually see it growing until she highlighted to me. She didn’t have any loose tooth at all. Just a new one sprouting out. Guess the […]

Special Award for the boy

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Since he started school here, he’s been having fights with kids in school. Some kids I must say are not in the best angelic behaviour but this son of mine likes to play Police and hit on them that I have repeatedly tell him that he’s not in the position to do that. If he […]

Darien’s 6th Birthday

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It’s lucky that his birthday falls on a Saturday this year. We brought the kids to Dalki Kids Cafe @ Olympic Park, where the kids would play and the parents relax. The kids played about 4 hours in Dalki and we spent a bit of time cycling around Olympic Park before heading for dinner. Initially, […]

not afraid anymore

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Since Princess was very young, she’s afraid of all kinds of mascots. Even people in costumes – harmless ones like santa or santerina, she would still go hysteric. I remembered when she was 3yo, it was Christmas celebration at the mall santa was handing out some sweets for the kids. Once the santa was in […]

My kids are vain-pots

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Boy’s version of ‘Eenie Meenie’

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my laundry helpers

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Sometimes when the kids see me folding laundry, they would help out. Not that perfect but I mustn’t discourage them when they do that if not they would not help with house chores anymore. Looking serious @ work Then they decided to fool around The outcome. I must say – not too bad!

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