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another fun outing

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10th November 2007 (credits & details here) In the morning, the kids have a birthday party at nursery. We dropped the kids off and went for our favourite noodle shop in SS3. They serve really good pork noodle. After that, we went to collect the McLaren stroller with the faulty wheel. They did a replacement […]

I Love Ice-Cream

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(credits & details here) Princess loves ice-cream especially McD’s ice-cream. Great …. cheap and good LOL. Normally when the kids don’t get to have their happy meals, I would substitute it with ice-cream. She’s  equally happy about that … although she’s got no toy and no nuggets – she’s satisfied with her ice-cream.

i love ketchup

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(credit & details here) He simply loves ketchup. Whenever we go to any restaurant, he’ll ask for ketchup. When there are anything that can be used for dipping – be it fries, nuggets, onions rings … anything .. he’ll never forget to ask for his favourite dip – KETCHUP!

one weekend lunch

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I made them a sumptuous lunch one weekend that I’m finally posting after weeks of procrastinating. I made them some ham sandwiches, steamed brocolli, sausages, bbq-flavoured nuggets and chawanmushi. So much huh. I overdid it – they only managed to finished the nuggets and half of everything else. (credits & details here) And this is […]

the way we eat

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(credits & details here) The kids simply love food especially Darien. He can simply pop anything into his mouth and it can be really tasty. As for Princess, she loves food, too but she’s a bit on the picky side. Both have been putting on weight. Everynight after their dinner, there will sure ask for […]

cakes at secret recipe

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8th August 2007 After a full dinner at home, Mommy suggested going to Secret Recipe for cakes. Mommy love cakes and so does the kids! Not forgetting that I have put on 2kg these two months. No .. I’m not pregnant but I don’t know what’s gotten into me these days. I always need to […]

he loves durian

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(credits: pour me by Khristy Schmidt) The durian season is here again! I’m also a durian fan … I simply love this fruit. I remembered having craving for durians during my pregnancy with the kids. Anyway … during our normal family dinner on a Sunday, my parents got some durians. I gave some to the […]

Supper at Home

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30th May 2007: These days after returning from nursery at around 7 plus, the kids will be complaining that they are hungry. Aunty normally tells me that they eat a lota Looking at their tummy and cheeks .. I can tell that they are really eating a lot. So, along the way, I will have […]

Yummy! Duck

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16th May 2007 On the way back from nursery the day before, all of a sudden Princess said she wanted to eat duck. Duck is one of her favourite dish. I told her its to late to buy duck. So today before picking them from nursery, I went to get some. So young, she’s already […]

We Love Sushi

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2nd May 2007 My parents and sis went back in the afternoon. We went home and had a nap. Hubs and I slept quite late last night – he was watching football and I was chatting with my sis until 4am. When we woke up at 10am this morning, we were like zombies. The kids […]

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