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One of the kids favourite .. Roti Canai

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*backdated post* The kids simply love roti canai aka flat pancake. A good friend of ours recommended us to this joint near our place. The shop is always crowded. I heard that people travel from KL to have their roti canai here. It was the best roti canai we have ever tasted. Their plain roti […]

Where do we dine?

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Some months back when I went to Ikea, I bought ourselves a dining table. People would comment, “Huh … you bought a dining table? Then where do you eat last time?” When they were much younger, they eat here. Then they shifted to this table …. And when the family is eating with 3-4 dishes […]

A whole load of mushrooms

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** a backdated post ** Two weekends ago, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant before the kids enrichment classes at Damansara Heights. They loved Italian. Princess wants a pizza with mushrooms. And Boy wanted pasta. So we had these … also …. and .. For dessert, we had these .. Boy took 1pc of […]

Boy’s Food Videos

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Sometimes I wonder whether he’s born with a rubber stomach cos when it comes to his favourite food, even if its after his meal-time, his stomach is able to accommodate anything. He can take 1½ fuji apple after dinner. For myself alone taking one will fill up my stomach and he’s just a child. Its […]

snack time

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(credit & details here) This is one of the kids favourite snack. Its like pancake but crispy and a bit sweet. The kids can take 4 each at one go. Normally, if I go pasar malam I would get some for them since they are always asking for snacks and supper every night before their […]

antique restaurant

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(credits & details here) We had lunch at this restaurant near my sister’s place some many weeks ago. I like the decorations. It has old antique stuffs like fan, record player, a tricycle that looks like a scooter and many other stuffs. They even have those wooden door in the old days like those chinese […]

we love japanese food

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(credits & details here) This is one of their favourite food –  Japanese! Whenever I ask Princess what she want to eat … the first thing she said would be …. Japanese. I have made Princess chawanmushi (steam egg) for school breakfast and she would comment ‘not as soft as the shop one’. So far, […]

my new found fav … pancakes

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*backdated post* 22nd December 2007: (credits & details here) I haven’t had pancakes for quite a while now. We had some at Paddington Pancakes. I simply love their pancakes .. really good. You can choose the flavour of the pancakes to be savoury or sweet. I’ve never fancy savoury pancakes .. just couldn’t get myself […]

popcorn for the movies anyone?

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(credits & details here)

mommy’s cooking

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(credits & details here) A really really back-dated post. Haha. It took me 2 weeks to post this. Got no time and also lazy … when I had the time I would be really sleepy. Hubs got some event and he’s not having dinner at home. I decided to be hard-working and cooked something for […]

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