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measuring himself

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Kids do the darnest things! While shopping for some groceries, my dear Son saw this measuring tape sticking on the shelving unit. The purpose for that was to have a rough estimate of the electrical cord measurement. He lay down and measured himself. LOL. The best thing is he asked me “Mommy, […]

New to Rok

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10th September 2010 The kids just started school today. The woke up pretty early – really excited on their first day. New friends to meet, new teachers and new curriculum didn’t make them anxious at all. Its a good start I suppose. Looked so smart in their uniform. 🙂 They had their breakfast and was […]

Just videos

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Mid-Year School Break

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*backdated post* 18 June – 20 June 2010 This year’s mid-term break, we went to Lake Kenyir with the family. To save some cash, we decided to drive there and it took us almost a whole day. It was further than we expected. We left home at 8 plus in the morning and arrived at […]

Special Award for the boy

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Since he started school here, he’s been having fights with kids in school. Some kids I must say are not in the best angelic behaviour but this son of mine likes to play Police and hit on them that I have repeatedly tell him that he’s not in the position to do that. If he […]

Boy’s 6th Birthday

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We have been in Rok for the past one month. Since the kids had a big celebration back in MY with their friends, we just went to a kids cafe for lunch, chinese food for dinner and a BR birthday cake. No friends … just the 4 of US! The entrance of the cafe. The […]

Darien’s 6th Birthday

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It’s lucky that his birthday falls on a Saturday this year. We brought the kids to Dalki Kids Cafe @ Olympic Park, where the kids would play and the parents relax. The kids played about 4 hours in Dalki and we spent a bit of time cycling around Olympic Park before heading for dinner. Initially, […]

My kids are vain-pots

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fun at the park

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*backdated post* The area where we stay have a beautiful landscape and themed parks. The kids love the bird island and alphabet park most. Shame to say that throughout our 6 years staying here, the kids seldom go to the park. The number of times they visited the park is less than 20. Most of […]

One of the kids favourite .. Roti Canai

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*backdated post* The kids simply love roti canai aka flat pancake. A good friend of ours recommended us to this joint near our place. The shop is always crowded. I heard that people travel from KL to have their roti canai here. It was the best roti canai we have ever tasted. Their plain roti […]

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