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my princess .. my little business-minded lady

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Chinese New Year 2010

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CNY Eve As usual every year, for lunch we’ll drop by my in-laws and dinner at my mom’s. This is what we had for dinner. Food fit for a whole village. Can you believe that this much food for 15 adults and 9 kids? Totally gastronomical! From left to right: Fried Vermicelli, Roast Suckling Pig, […]

Little Riding Hood

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When Princess was very much younger at around 1½yo, she likes to do this ….. She finds it so fun and when people react towards her, she would be so excited and she’d do it over and over and over again. Now at the age of 6, she’s still doing this … Not only that, […]

Princess Final Year Kindy 2009

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These were taken last year and it was Princess final year at kindy. So far, I’m very happy with her progress. She has improved a lot – both in her school work and well-being. She’s already cleaning up herself in the toilet early of last year. All these times, I’ve been worried that no one […]

2 Weeks Before School Re-Open

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This is a summary of what the kids did during the 2 weeks before school reopen. We went to the Dolphin & Seal Show at Sunway. The tickets for the 4 of us was $120 for a 45mins show. Pretty pricey On top of that they charge $15 bucks for photo taken with the dolphins. […]

Kids First Day In School

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First day in P1 for Princess was great. It was horribly jam when I sent her to school but luckily I found a place to park 15 mins before school start. She was totally excited. Wanted to carry her bag from the school gate itself. I didn’t let her cos I find that the trolley […]

Always my baby girl

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Today is another milestone for my Princess. She’s going into Standard One. It seemed like only yesterday she entered into kindergarten. Time really flies by like a speed of light. I remembered when she first went into kindergarten 2 years back, she was clingy to me and wept for a week. Looking back, my baby’s […]

Random Pix Upload

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I have kept 2 pics that was taken sometime back. I thought of blogging bout it but I’ve been procrastinating. I’ll just post it here with a short summary. This is the kids’ concert performance dated 26th July 2009. They were great. Boy’s movement was minimal probably cos they were younger but Princess and friends […]

Post X’Mas BBQ

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X’Mas dinner at my mom like every year as always and have always been great. The kids were warned to finish their dinner if not no presents! As usual every Sunday when they get-together, they don’t always finish their meals  until being told many many million times. This time, for presents sake I suppose they […]

HSM Craze

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6th December 2009 Took the kids and my niece to watch High School Musical Summer Celebration at KLCC Convention Centre. We bought the cheapest tickets cos I remembered we brought Princess to watch barney at the same hall. It was not as big as Bkt Jalil Stadium. We were 5 mins late so we missed […]

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