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New to Rok

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10th September 2010 The kids just started school today. The woke up pretty early – really excited on their first day. New friends to meet, new teachers and new curriculum didn’t make them anxious at all. Its a good start I suppose. Looked so smart in their uniform. 🙂 They had their breakfast and was […]

Just videos

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Mid-Year School Break

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*backdated post* 18 June – 20 June 2010 This year’s mid-term break, we went to Lake Kenyir with the family. To save some cash, we decided to drive there and it took us almost a whole day. It was further than we expected. We left home at 8 plus in the morning and arrived at […]

Princess’s Recent Development

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1st November 2010 She’s got her first permanent. I can’t say this is the exact date that she’s got it but its the date that I’ve discovered it. I didn’t actually see it growing until she highlighted to me. She didn’t have any loose tooth at all. Just a new one sprouting out. Guess the […]

not afraid anymore

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Since Princess was very young, she’s afraid of all kinds of mascots. Even people in costumes – harmless ones like santa or santerina, she would still go hysteric. I remembered when she was 3yo, it was Christmas celebration at the mall santa was handing out some sweets for the kids. Once the santa was in […]

My kids are vain-pots

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fun at the park

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*backdated post* The area where we stay have a beautiful landscape and themed parks. The kids love the bird island and alphabet park most. Shame to say that throughout our 6 years staying here, the kids seldom go to the park. The number of times they visited the park is less than 20. Most of […]

One of the kids favourite .. Roti Canai

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*backdated post* The kids simply love roti canai aka flat pancake. A good friend of ours recommended us to this joint near our place. The shop is always crowded. I heard that people travel from KL to have their roti canai here. It was the best roti canai we have ever tasted. Their plain roti […]

Denisha 7yo and Darien 6yo Combined Birthday Party

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31st August 2010 Since we would be moving on to Seoul for the next few years, I decided to have a combined birthday celebration for them. After all, starting a new school with new friends, adjustment times would be really crucial for us all. And so we celebrated their birthdays at KidsZone, Hartamas Shopping Centre. […]

my laundry helpers

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Sometimes when the kids see me folding laundry, they would help out. Not that perfect but I mustn’t discourage them when they do that if not they would not help with house chores anymore. Looking serious @ work Then they decided to fool around The outcome. I must say – not too bad!

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