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PP: It’s About Time I Do That

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In the new info age, many people are going for photobooks. When I got married, my wedding album only had fixed layout. I have seen a website that offer custom-made layout wedding albums that matches each picture perfectly. Needless to say, the quality is outta this world. Its super-duper clear. If you ask me, I […]

PP: Shopping for Men Clothes

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In this economy downturn, I find it hard to believe that people are still shopping. As for me down or up we still do celebrate Christmas. Not that we are Christians or Catholics but at least the kids would understand what its all about. The most important thing is that they learn about what they […]

PP: How To Create A Comfy Home

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When we shifted to our new place, we have got ourselves bathroom organisers to store toiletries. We’ve bought a shelving system and towel bars to hang towels after bath. Toilet accessories like toothbrush holder and shower curtain to prevent water from splashing out. To encourage the kids to use the toilet more often, we’ve even […]

PP: Shopping for Christmas

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Christmas is the best time of the year! I love the spirit of giving when you can see the kid’s eyes sparkle upon receiving their gifts. Jellycat makes a very special gift for kids because all kids love soft toys especially when they can choose from many different ones animals and characters. Soft books for […]

Still in diapers at bedtime

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PP: Year-End Sale

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Many people have started their Christmas shopping. We, too went shopping last weekend. After the kids classes in the evening, we dropped by 1U to get birthday gift and Christmas gifts. Since its sale time, so I thought I’d better get some clothes for the kids. They have outgrown most of their clothes. After shopping […]

PP: Investment Opportunity

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I have always wanted to invest in something that guarantees pay back. Personally I would think gold is the best investment. Its a definite money back guarantee.  People in the olden days love keeping gold than money cos they say gold is more valuable than money. With the current gold price increasing every month, it […]

PP: Satellite TV

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I’ve had it with the current satellite tv station that we are subscribing to. When it rains, its off commission plus its getting pricier. This year they have increased their package price twice. Imagine twice in a year! Its such a rip-off. Now we are paying double of what we paid when we signed up. […]

PP: Insurance For Protection

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Eversince I started having kids, I got my family covered for insurance. For us as parents, its very important to cover life and medical cos in case anything happens, we would not burden our family. I have got ourselves a term life insurance cos its not that expensive compared to permanent life insurance. As my […]

PP: Toys For All Occassions

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I have this tendency to buy toys for kids. Every time when I go out for errands, when I pass-by a toy store, I would take a glance and decide what to get for them. It looks like everything is fun in there. It really brings me fond memories of my childhood days. Walking outdoors […]

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