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PP: Autumn

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My kids love visiting the park. Our most frequent visited park here in Seoul is the Olympic Park. They love playing ball, flying the kite, walking the dog, bubble play, picnic etc. Whatever you can enjoy outdoor, you can do it at the park. Its a really huge park with lots of play and picnic […]

PP: Its about time

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We have been staying in our house for the pass 6 years. The amount of interests we have paid adds up to some huge amount. So, we have thought of VA Streamline Refinancing. With the amount of money spent on interest, we can probably buy another plot of land! If we choose this option, we […]

PP: The Unexpectant

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Sometimes when the least you expect something like death to happen – when it does happen, it brings a blow to you. Everything would be running speed fast and you will not have time to think. I had a dear uncle who passed away two years ago due to a by-pass surgery. No one had […]

PP: Protect our loved ones

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Recently I had a dear friend who passed away from cancer. Life is just too fragile. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow or the future. When one falls ill with long-term treatment are bound to spend a lot on medical bills and it would be  a real burden to the family if […]

PP: Am I trendy?

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The beauty industry has a lot more to explore and I see new advance products every other month. So many businesses are venturing into beauty and fashion line – the obvious reason is that its the income generator. With the ever changing trends these days, its really hard to keep up with the latest trend […]

PP: For the needy

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Its the time of the year again for education institutions to act as fundraisers for the needy. I have always believed in the practice of philanthropy to make this world a better place. My late grandmother is the best example of a philanthropist. She doesn’t miss a chance of being charitable to anyone. Sometimes to […]

PP: I love online shopping

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A few years back, I was a skeptical person when I comes to online shopping. I would be worried whether anyone will be able to forge my credit card and how much exposure when using it online. After much research and confidence throughout the years, now I simply love online shopping. The thing I don’t […]

PP: Saving for a rainy day

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Ever since I had kids, my most frequent website would be BabyCenter. I love going into this site because it gives me all information I need to know and expert advices on kids from babies onwards. Having kids have changed me 360 degrees. We’ve now got to think of future meaning we mustn’t simply spend […]

PP: On the move

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I always believe in safest of kids when it comes to staircases and places around the house. When my kids were babies we used to fit baby gates around the house. What do I mean when I say “baby gates”? What I mean is I have at least two baby gates in the house – […]

PP: Shrinking bills

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Currently there are many cell phone plans in the market – all comparably competitive. I have been thinking of changing my cell phone plan for the longest time. I’ve been scouting around for the best plan that can save me on my phone calls, videos calls and internet data usage calls – basically a plan […]

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