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Relocation – The good or the bad?

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This would be a really backdated post. When we heard the news of hubby’s relocating to Seoul for work quite some time back. But the fact that he’s got to go over there to start his work somehow come as a sudden – 2 month or less from actual date. It was a rush for […]

Mid-Year School Break

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*backdated post* 18 June – 20 June 2010 This year’s mid-term break, we went to Lake Kenyir with the family. To save some cash, we decided to drive there and it took us almost a whole day. It was further than we expected. We left home at 8 plus in the morning and arrived at […]

fun at the park

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*backdated post* The area where we stay have a beautiful landscape and themed parks. The kids love the bird island and alphabet park most. Shame to say that throughout our 6 years staying here, the kids seldom go to the park. The number of times they visited the park is less than 20. Most of […]

HSM Craze

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6th December 2009 Took the kids and my niece to watch High School Musical Summer Celebration at KLCC Convention Centre. We bought the cheapest tickets cos I remembered we brought Princess to watch barney at the same hall. It was not as big as Bkt Jalil Stadium. We were 5 mins late so we missed […]

kids latest electronic fad

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Normally after meal-time when we are out, they become very restless. We haven’t really enjoy our meals, they’ll be complaining their bored and pester us to eat quickly. If they were with other kids, they’ll be walking around the place disturbing deco and that would really  annoy me. When I put on my monstrous face, […]

First timer

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This is a combination of activities they’ve done. Their very own first-time experience. From the top left clock-wise. We were having dinner at Michaelangelo’s at Sunway Pyramid and they have fresh oysters at promo price. Since fresh oysters were my favourite, I couldn’t resist the bargain. So we ordered a few for the adults. Since […]

Toy Museum

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** A back-dated post ** 5th July 2009: Toy Museum We went to Penang for a night to visit Aunty Kim and family. We had brunch at a ‘tim sum’ shop near G Hotel. When we finished, we wanted to get some ‘tausa’ biscuits back home but believe-it-or-not!! All of the shops were sold out. […]

Mid-Term Break 2009

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I know this is a bit too late but its better late than never. So here goes. (credits here) On the first two nights we stayed at the Holiday Villa Cherating. And believe me this is the 1st and LAST time I’m staying there. The water pressure was low, the mattress was too soft .. […]

angels from birthday party

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26th Jan 2008 (credits & details here) The kids attended Alinda’s birthday party at the nursery. She’s Princess’s ‘group’ of friends at nursery. I dropped them and headed for breakfast. When I went to pick them at around 1pm, the party was almost over. I stayed on to see them play and we headed back […]

i’m back

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(credits & details here) Its been more than a month since the last time I updated my blog. Have been busy during the CNY holidays – visiting houses, holiday at Genting and Malacca. I’ve got lots of backdated posts that I don’t even know where to start. Plus hubs is in England now – been […]

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